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OK, the title might be misleading... The truth is I don't have just one favourite 'F' word, I have several.

Here they are, in no particular order.

Family - Friends - Food - Fabric - Flowers - Fashion - Fun.

That's me (third from left) wearing an outfit I made myself.

Octopus Salads are one of my favourites.
An Italian Linen I made a dress from.
My puppy Hector.

What do all these words have in common to me? An individuality. An expression of love and uniqueness.

They can be imperfect. They can mean different things to different people. They bring such great joy to me and I appreciate their existence in my life. They can be made, moulded, grown, arranged, experimented to create amazing reflections of who you are as a person and what sort of person you want to be.

So what is my most favourite ‘F' word which truly reflects me? Fun. I hope to be fun, to have fun, to create fun and resemble fun. It’s an attitude and with the help of family, friends, fabrics, food and fashion I hope to emit the essence of fun in all that I do.

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