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We’ve all heard of the The Little Black Dress - in fact, in just 3 years it has become my absolute favourite thing to wear and I have made myself 3 little black dresses, all of which I absolutely love!

Now it is time to accept that we have a new fashion staple which has subtly slipped into our wardrobe - be that on our "Pinterest Wardrobe" or hanging up in our real wardrobe - without us noticing just how fast it has become a favourite across the board. It is the Green Linen Dress - but in keeping with LBD - let us call it the GLD.

Green has been a much envied colour of the season and linen has made a heroic comeback as the most-on trend fabric - in both fast fashion and home sewing. So it only makes sense that their joining would be the ultimate power couple.

Just take a moment to think, perhaps your green linen dress has snuck in as a casually cool wrap dress, or an incredibly comfortable smock or even a perfectly tailored frock - 'a la Vesper Lynd from Casino Royale. It might be in soft sage or a rich forest shade of green or the khaki which Meghan Markle makes us all love so much.

For me, it came about when I fell in love with the linen in the colour, "Caper" from The Fabric Store and I just had to get my hands on it. However, in my usual fashion I had the fabric for 12 months until I made it into a dress. I decided to do something a little different - no shoe string straps! Instead, a fully lined bodice with princess line seams through the front & back bodice. And for the skirt I skipped my typical gathers for knife pleats with a flat front. I love the dress! It can be worn all year round as it is easy to layer with tights, cardigan & boots during winter and especially perfect for the in-between seasons. The bold green looks beautiful in Autumn and Spring. The square neckline is cool and also feminine. Wins all round!

I was gifted the pattern from my boss who made the pattern for a client at work. There are a few tweaks, however, I would make if I had my chance again. I would extend the bodice another inch so it sits perfectly on my waist - it's fine now but I prefer it to sit tightly on my waist. I wouldn't use linen as lining for the bodice but rather a cotton as I used for lining the skirt. Just because the 2 layers of linen seems fairly bulky and I would prefer it to be sharply finished. I left the selvedge as the hem and I do like the feel it gives of a natural finish. In the way that the Little Black Dress represented elegance and sophistication - the traits so sought after at the time of its creation. The Green Linen Dress represents our changing era which seeks sustainable fashion - where natural fabrics (especially in nature's most symbolic colour) are most fitting to wear our eco-consciousness on our #memade dress along with our everlasting desire to look effortlessly cool.

I hope you find your own perfect green linen dress to love and to wear. Better yet, I hope you buy some fresh linen fabric and make your own. Cheers,

Alexandra xx


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