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I like it hot.

I am always anticipating with much excitement for the season of summer. My ultimate life goal would be to chase summer around the globe.

A very big part of the reason why I love summer is because it provides all the inspiration I need to want to make my own clothes.

It makes sense because my favourite kinds of fabrics which are cotton, linen and silk are well suited to a warmer climate. I love those fabrics because they’re natural so they are cool and breathable to wear.

When I find fabrics in vibrant colours, bold florals or classic stripes I just want those fabrics on my body but not too much fabric because it’s not summer without showing some (SPF protected) skin.

I finished this striped linen dress at the start of 2019 - in the middle of Australia’s summer. During 2019 it became one of my favourite dress to wear. I purchased the fabric back in 2016 on my very first expedition to The Fabric Store in Brisbane. It is such a beautiful quality linen and I love the colours in it, which makes for it being colourful but a little toned down and very easy to wear.

Of course the style is my typically fitted bodice with straps and a gathered skirt but as I’ve said, it is the style I love to wear. And what is the point of making your own clothes if not to make them exactly as you like them? Leading me to my next point - finding the right length. I hemmed the dress at the knees because I wanted a dress that was longer than my other dresses but after a year of wearing it I decided to chop 4cm off and make it above the knee and I am so pleased. I don’t feel so dowdy in it and it feels young and fresh. Hem length is all dependent on you as an individual. You have to wear what suits you best. Some women are blessed with long legs and a long length of dress looks perfectly balanced. As for me, I know that little bit shorter is what works for me so I am pleased I made the chop. Remember it's never too late to alter it.

I am continuing wearing it through the 2020 summer and I continue to love it and that is the testament to wearing clothes made by you for you. It’s in the fabric, the design, and the fit which makes it to your style and in the making it yourself which makes it a truly personal statement.

Cheers, Alexandra xx

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