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Once you learn to accept unpicking as part of the process of sewing, you will find the joy in it - and if not pure joy I promise you at least the overall value of amending one’s mistake.

I hated unpicking and I would avoid it as much as I could. To me, unpicking was acknowledging that I’d made a mistake or failed to complete the instructions and that wasn’t something which I was willing to confront. Little did I realise that to achieve perfection, I need to make amends with my mistakes. Just to clarify I am not speaking in metaphors. I am only discussing sewing and am not professing about life.

Through high school I held onto a attitude of “it’ll be fine Miss! It doesn’t bother me!”. I so appreciate my teachers for being so understanding. They never harassed me on my quality of work if I was being complacent to unpick. They’d just casually ask “are you really happy with it Alex?” To that question I normally answered no and I would take up the quick unpick and make my annoyed self unpick all my terrible stitching. Then I would do it again until it made me happy (or enough happy with it).

Since realising the privilege I have to know how to sew, I now value my work and ability. The time I have put into developing my skills, to the money I spend on beautiful fabrics certainly deserves my attention to detail and desire for perfection. The time spent unpicking and resewing until you’re happy with it, is really what makes you feel all the more satisfied and fulfilled by your work and efforts. How much happier are you when you see your sleeves sit perfectly than to see your sleeves sit differently and being unable to not notice it?

To me, I see no difference in unpicking something one time or five times if it means making it perfect on the fifth time, for if it still wasn’t perfect on the fourth time then what was the point of unpicking and resewing it the first time?

My reminder to you is that everyone unpicks. No matter if you’re a beginner or a seamstress with 40 years experience. For unpicking truly is a part of the sewing process so I hope you can find your way of seeing the joy in unpicking!

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