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You will need:

Fabric of your choice - a cotton, linen or canvas fabric will work best. You will need at least twice the length of your finished apron.

2x "D Buckles"

Tools: Thread to match your fabric

Sewing Kit

Sewing Machine

A safety pin

Craft paper, newspaper or wrapping paper to make the pattern on Pen

Ruler Paper scissors to cut out your pattern

What to do:

To start with you will need to make your apron pattern so first of you'll need to take some measurements.

You will need to measure:

-Across the top of your chest.

-Across your waistline to see how far you want your apron to go around you.

-The length from the top of the apron to your waist.

-The length from the top of the apron to your desired finished length.

To draw up your pattern you'll need to work some math magic on your measurements.

-Divide your chest measurement by 2 and then add 1.5cm for seam allowance. -Divide your waist measurement by 2 and then add 1.5cm for seam allowance.

-Add 3cm for seam allowance to your desired finished length measurement.

With your pen, paper and ruler you can start to sketch out the measurements. Rule the width of your chest calculation at the top and then measure down the length from top of the apron to your waist, and mark it. At that length you will then rule and mark your waist calculation across the paper. Next you will need to sketch a curve shape to connect the end of the chest line to the end of the waist line. You can make the curve as shallow or as deep as you like, depending on how much you want it to cut away. Then measure down from the top of the apron to your desired finished length (remember the extra 3cm for seam allowance). Rule across and then connect up to the end of your waist line. This pattern is made to be cut on the fold of fabric along the long straight edge which you can mark onto your pattern to cut on the fold so you won't forget in future. Also make a note to cut 2 - also for future reference. Cut out your pattern using your paper scissors.

You can also make a pattern for the ties/straps of the apron. You can make the straps as wide as you like. For the maths, just double your desired finished width and add 3cm for seam allowance. As for the length make sure each tie/strap can wrap twice all the way around your waist and make it longer if you want a big bow. Mark on your pattern piece to cut 2 - just for future reference.

Now taking your fabric you can fold it over making sure right sides are facing together and the fabric is folded over enough to fit the width of your pattern. Pin the piece in place and cut around but do not cut along the fold. Repeat so you'll have 2 pieces for the front and back of the apron.

Then cut out your 2 ties/straps. Lastly you will need to cut 2 rectangles to fit over your "D Buckles". These just need to be double the width of the straight edge of your D buckle plus 3cm for seam allowance and about 4-5cm long.


Take your front piece and lie it with right side facing up. Then taking your long ties position each tie in each top corner on the top of your front apron piece.

To position it, place it 1.5cm in from the side edge and line the edge of the ties with the top edge to leave in the seam allowance.

Taking the "D Buckles" fold each tab in half over the straight side of each buckle. Pin these tabs at the waist - just below the curved edge. Again position these 1.5cm down from the curved edge and line the edges up with the side edges of the front apron piece so that the "D" faces into the centre of the apron and it will all be sandwiched inside when it comes to sewing.

This will lead you to laying the back piece on top with the right side facing down.

Pin around all the edges except at the bottom edge you will need to leave a 5cm gap and keep the ties hanging out through the gap so that this is where you can turn the apron through to the right side.

Stitch all the way round where pinned keeping a 1.5cm seam allowance.

When you're finished sewing on the machine, iron your seams flat and carefully cut triangular notches along the curved edge - only cut these in the seam allowance - do not cut the actual stitching. This helps to make the seam sit flat.

Now you can pull the apron through the gap in the bottom of the hem.

Give the whole apron a really good press.

To finish, you will just need to top-stitch or hand-stitch the end of the ties and the hole in the bottom of the apron.

And you're done!

A fantastic project to make for yourself or as a gift for anyone!

I hope you enjoy making your own apron and please let me know if you have any questions!!

Have fun on your sewing adventures!

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