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Spots Vs. Stripes

I made another skirt!

It’s a straight skirt made from own my own drafted pattern. It sits on the waist, fitted through the hips with a slight A-line and a little on the shorter side. It’s made from a gorgeous cotton velvet with a polka dot.

I am the first to say it - I am not bold with my style. I love to sew but I am the first to admit my makes are pretty damn ordinary and that’s just what I like to wear and makes me feel most myself. I emphasise getting the right fit, proportions which suit my body shape and using gorgeous fabrics.

For the 2018/2019 summer I made a silk navy & white striped gathered skirt. All through the summer I felt it was the easiest item to wear, just with a white t-shirt and my white sneakers. It was breezy and cool and made me feel put together with very little effort.

So I wanted to emulate that same success for the winter. Again, just a simple style which fits perfectly and can be worn with a navy polo shirt or a cozy cream jumper and lightened up with a bright pink scarf.

Both skirts feel fresh, classic and oh so easy to wear!

The best secret:

The secret to these skirts is that I used a very good quality fabric. The style and make is very simple but because I used fabrics which feel and look beautiful the garments have enough effect that they can be paired with basics and still look great! Remember, if something is made from an unappealing or poor quality fabric - it will always look unappealing or cheap. Look for fabrics which excite you, make you want to put them right on your body and inspire you to make clothes which you will love!! Both fabrics were bought from The Fabric Store - Brisbane but sadly as usual, I bought them last year and have only just been organised to share them with you.

Cheers, Alexandra xx

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