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Love Yourself. Trust Yourself.

What is a quality of Lana Del Rey I admire so much?

Her authenticity. Her fearlessness to produce music alternate to the norm.

Lana Del Rey is never afraid to do things her way. She makes music for herself. How she wants it to be. Lana doesn’t produce her music to be chart topping and popular. Her music is her expression and her art. It isn’t to please people. Yet the true success is that it does please so many! Lana and her music has a phenomenal fan base with many like myself who adore all of her work.

Each and every album is so different and I never really know what to expect or whether I will like it but I somehow do.

And it is because it is true to who Lana is or to who she wants to be. It is honest, vulnerable and beautiful art.

Art is truth. Truth is love. Love is art.

You see the full circle.

We are constantly told, ‘love yourself’. We know through life experience that every relationship is built on a foundation of trust.

So to love oneself we must trust oneself.

Trust our intuition. Trust our feelings. Trust our taste. Trust our talents.

We must be honest with ourselves and create honest work.

Creating work which you believe in will always have an authenticity which is an undeniably attractive trait.

To master your work takes a degree of talent in addition to a great deal of determination, consistent work, improvement and most importantly enjoying what you do.

To be successful in your work and to be admired as a master you must distinguish yourself by trusting in your abilities, appreciating your own efforts and treasuring your artistic creations. For it is by believing in our own work that will attract others to see the worth in it.

Always admire, with a sensibility, how vulnerable you are willing to be for the sake of what you believe in and I hope that you will always believe in yourself.


Alexandra xx

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