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To Sew or Not To Sew

If I thought 2017 was a failure in terms of sewing then I am scared to confess that I only made matters worse in 2018 by only completing 6 sewing projects. At this rate I’m sure, the (imaginary) board of sewing directors will be seriously considering terminating my (imaginary) licence to operate a sewing machine.

When I began my blog in 2016 I was so filled with hope & optimism and such a strong belief in my love of sewing. My love for sewing hasn’t faltered. It is just that my approach to sewing has seen a drastic change.

In April 2017 I began full time employment in the sewing industry. Honestly, such a dream come true to be surrounded by the best sewers, seamstresses, dressmakers & tailors who possess such incredible skill and knowledge. It’s also a bonus getting to see high fashion designer pieces IN THE REAL! I’m talking Gucci, D&G, VLTN, DIOR - #werkperks don’t get better than that.

With my profession I have the privilege of sewing everyday and it does so much feel like a privilege getting to do something I enjoy, especially compared to a job which would require nothing more than sitting at a computer. On the flip side however, it has added an enormous amount of pressure. Every cut, stitch, unstitch, iron has to be absolutely perfect. My fun, care-free approach to sewing has morphed into an ultimatum of perfection or rejection.

Unfortunately, this has impacted my personal sewing endeavours to the point that I have to really psyche myself up to even start a project, for the fear of it not being perfect totally holds me back.

So much so, that I cannot stop thinking, what is the point of starting something that isn’t going to be absolute heaven-sent perfection?

This is all made that much harder being already tired from work, and a 2 day weekend which is usually taken up by cleaning up from the past week, doesn’t make me always feel as though I’m really up for perfection.

I know that it should be perfect and I always, absolutely endeavour for it to be so but I cannot allow my fear from stopping me to start or else I will never get anywhere.

So I hope to remember to persist with myself and to have the courage to start on projects which I want to make. I have my improvised, sometimes wholly incorrect method of doing things, but that is my way of switching off the world and making it my happy place, because, as opposed to anywhere else in my daily activity, it’s where my ideas are in control.

And what really, truly matters is the accomplishment of creating something and many other things, for it is practice that is going to improve my sewing.

So as we enter 2019 I want to encourage each and every person who happens across my ‘little corner of the internet’ to find inspiration to sew. To approach sewing with an attitude that whatever you make doesn’t have to be perfect but that you do make something. Your satisfaction and fulfilment will come from producing something with your own paws (reference to joke here: And I hope so much that from there you will want to sew more and each and every project will take you to new challenges and greater achievements.

Here's me wearing 1 one of my 6 projects, this hot pink silk satin, knife pleated skirt paired with a velvet body suit from Bardot and black, strappy heels. Pictures taken at Rubyvale Road inside my dad's shed. I've included the blurry photos as a reminder that it doesn't have to be perfect!

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