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Embellishments aren't typically my first point of interest when I'm making a garment. For me, it's always first the fabric and then the style and my design process stops there.

It's funny though because in high school to achieve an A standard it all depended on how many embellishments and add ons you made to the item you were making, so for me it was the first thing I thought about. (All about those good grades).

As I walk around the craft shops I can feel myself wanting to experiment more with new techniques but now only the ones which serve a purpose and add a fine detail to catch a keen eye with attention to detail.

Here's my little haul of things I've been collecting up and I'll show you in the coming weeks how they make for a purposeful embellishment.

I’ve tried to stick with mostly understated buttons and buckles but with interesting textures and finishes like the matte black buttons versus the shiny silver buttons and gold D—buckles. I love mother-of-pearl buttons, something I take after my mum, but they're such a classic and add a subtle touch of pretty. I'm not a hundred per cent sure what to do with the patches, but patches are definitely getting added to just about everything so I thought these were pretty cool rather than the typical rainbows on denim jackets.

Let me know what your favourite extras are to add to your sewing projects! Cheers, Alexandra xx

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