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Yes the scissors are big and sharp. The sewing machine does go fast and there is a sharp needle near your fingers. Zippers are made out to be this really difficult process. And where do we even begin with overlockers?

(I'd curved the hem of this mid-length gathered skirt and I wasn't happy with it so needed to cut it straight, but only now I've had the courage to finally make the chop. Nothing to be scared of and a much better result!)

I’m hear to tell you, it is scary but it’s what you gotta do.

Sewing and the ability it gives you to create your own clothes, furnishings, gifts and everything else is priceless and everything which might seem so daunting now is what will make it all worth it.

What if you make a mistake or something goes wrong? You might think it will all be a waste.


It might not fit, or it might not be perfect but remember, you had a go and you made it.

Mistakes make for a good life lesson. In sewing, mistakes will teach you how to do things better or easier. Sewing is definitely one of those things that once you make a mistake you’ll know not to do it again.

It is all just learning, practicing, experimenting and growing your confidence. Obviously don’t use your best silk when you’re trying things out but buy remnants and simple patterns to follow. Once you understand how fabric works and how to pin pattern pieces together you’ll start enjoying it all.

I’ve learnt that you won’t love something unless you’re good at it, but that all begins with having a strong interest to take the time to practice and build your skills.

I didn’t just pick up sewing. I played around with fabric and made all sorts of impractical, pointless things but it was all part of my learning process.

My mum was my first teacher, then I went to school and I still can’t believe just how much my teachers taught me. I then continued my own teaching by reading books and once I learnt the common techniques I could start making my own designs and work out my own process of doing things. That was about a 10 year time period and now I’m here making my little sewing hobby something I can share with others who love sewing or want to love sewing. Though it makes me most excited that I still have so far to go and so much more to learn!

I have made plenty of mistakes and am still making really bad mistakes. Some I’ve been able to mend and others I just have to put to the side and hope I can one day re-use the fabric.

So be fearless and cut the fabric and give sewing a go. You might make mistakes which are incredibly frustrating but perseverance and determination are as important in sewing as with everything else, except in the end you’re rewarded with producing something. And trust me, that’s the best feeling. Every time I make something I just think, wow I can’t believe I made that and that’s one feeling I can never shrug off.

My most recent unsuccessful project. And sadly wasn't made from just a cheap remnant but a beautiful Tory Burch silk blend from The Fabric Store. Lesson learnt: never rush into making something on a whim.

I like the style of the dress but it just needs to be refined to be a quality garment and I also tried to make a dress which is just a bit too short for comfortable wear.

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