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You will need:

Cushion Fillers

Fabric of a medium to heavy weight - enough to cover your cushion plus extra for a flap and seam allowance.

Matching Thread

Sewing kit including:

-Sewing Machine

-Tape Measure




What to do:

Step1: Measure the length and width of your cushion fill and then add 3cm to each measurement as your seam allowance, to find the size of your front and back panel.

Step 2: With your tape measure and pins, measure out the front and back panels straight onto your fabric by adding pins as your cutting guide.

Step 3: Cut out your back and front panels.

Step 4: To measure the flap, it will be the same bottom length of your front panel, where the flap and front will meet. As for the width, I did about a third of the front panel width, which sits nicely. Remember to add your seam allowance of 1.5cm to all sides. Then cut it out. Step 5: Hem one longer edge of the flap and the bottom edge of the back panel by folding under half centimetre and then a centimetre, pressing down with the iron and pinning in place. Sew down with the sewing machine, using a straight stitch.

Step 6: With right sides together, pin the 'un-hemmed' edge of the flap along the bottom edge of the front panel and sew together. Iron the seam flat, to give it a nice finish.

Step 7: Place the back panel right side facing down onto the right side of the front panel and fold the flap over the back panel. Essentially, you’ve got the back piece and front piece with right sides facing and then the right side of the flap facing the wrong side of the back piece, all sandwiched together.

Step 8: Pin around all three sides, excluding the opening where the flap is. (Check to make sure you've pinned it correctly by turning it out the right way).

Step 9: Sew using a normal straight stitch and 1.5cm seam allowance, around all 3 sides excluding the opening where the flap is.

Step 10: Iron your seams open flat.

Step 11: Turn out your cushion cover the right way and insert your fill, to create an amazing new cushion made by you! This really is a super simple sewing project, just watch closely how to layer the pieces and you'll be pumping these out in no time. No zipper but still easy to remove and wash when necessary! I used pinking shears to save time finishing edges which is always a good time saver.

Let me know if you give the tutorial a go or comment any questions. I'd love to hear from you. X

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