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Sometimes I don’t feel like sewing and that’s ok.

Sewing is my favourite thing to do. So when I sew I want to feel the best I can and make the most of my time sewing.

It’s my happy place and when I’m stressed or just feeling a bit down I don’t feel like sewing. Although I could use sewing as my pick-me-up I find it’s better to let it be what I turn to when I want to have fun rather than just something I do to try and feel better.

My good friend imparted some wisdom to me and said when you feel down and unhappy do the things you hate because then you don’t have to bring yourself down but can just get something done, rather than nothing. So now I find myself regularly looking for chores till I find myself wanting to sew.

I love having the energy and enthusiasm to create when I’m feeling inspired.

As soon as I have an idea of something I want to create, I can’t wait to get started and to get it made. That’s when I’m ecstatic, that’s when I truly feel on top of the world!

Sometimes I can lack inspiration when I don’t ‘need’ to make something but as soon as I have somewhere to wear a nice, new dress which I want to make then sure enough I’m ready to sew and get on with it.

Sewing can be a long process, a dress doesn’t just come together in a couple of hours. There’s a lot of thought with everything I do and making sure I’m getting it exactly right. I do find it quite exhausting and do take a few breaks to regather my motivation. In saying that, there’s no process of sewing which I hate, there are some which are boring but I still enjoy doing all of it because I know that’s what makes it all worthwhile and produces something to be proud of. As I’ve been sewing since I was little, I’ve definitely taught myself to enjoy it all as I used to dodgy up the cutting to get to the sewing so I’m glad I’m past that now.

February got off to a great start on the sewing front but I just haven’t really been up to it in the last couple of weeks with so many other things to do but I finished a black cotton, v-neck dress I’d started way back in September 2016 so that felt great! I’ve also nearly finished a skirt which I can’t wait to share with you and then just working on some other bits and bobs. Most proud though, of course is uploading my first video sewing tutorials on YouTube. There’s How to Make a Pocket Square and How to Sew a Gathered Skirt! Both of which I made back in October 2016 but have finally edited and uploaded.

My pile of fabric never seems to get any less and there’s still so much I want to sew. Stay tuned and we’ll see how I go in March.

Thanks for your support! Everything honestly means so much!

Cheers, Alexandra xx

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