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To break the video down further -

You will need:

A soft fabric like cotton or silk. I used a Liberty cotton lawn.

- A pocket square ranges from 25cm - 42.5cm. Mine was about 30cm x 30cm including 1cm seam allowance on all sides-

Sewing Kit - tape measure, pins, scissors, needle and matching thread


Cardboard - anything thicker than paper

Iron & Ironing Board

What to do:

Decide what size pocket square you'd like to make (remember all sides are the same length in a square) and then add 1cm seam allowance to every side.

Measure, pin and cut.

To make hemming a whole heap easier, I suggest using a hemming board. Just take the cardboard and measure with the ruler, half a centimetre from the edge of the cardboard and rule a straight line horizontally across.

Now you'll need your fabric square, hemming board and your iron to hem the edges.

Place the fabric face down on the ironing board, then position the hemming board on top of the wrong side of the fabric.

Fold the edge of the fabric over the hemming board until it reaches the half centimetre line and then iron down.

Move the hemming board down a tad and then fold over the folded edge of the fabric until it reaches the half centimetre line all the way along and iron down. Then use lots of pins to keep it all in place.

Repeat to the other 3 sides.

Time to sew!

Thread your needle and start by knotting the thread into the fabric. Pull the needle through, leave a little end and then thread the needle back through the fabric, as you do, form a little loop in the thread as it goes in and thread the needle through that loop and continue pulling gently. Do another knot and then you’re ready to start slip stitching.

To slip stitch, slide needle through the fold in the hem of the fabric about a centimetre and then when the needle comes out, use the needle to pick up a thread from the main fabric.

Poke the needle back through the fold of the fabric to sew the hem down. And just repeat all the way round

To sew the corners, just lead the needle through the folds of the hem and stitch the edges together. Just back and forth.

Finish the thread again by knotting it into the fabric by making a loop and threading through the needle and pulling gently, just as you did at the start.

Cut off the thread and then go on to sew the other 3 edges.

Time will depend on how much care you take hand-sewing. I really love hand-sewing so I really enjoy making these and appreciate the time and thoughtfulness it makes as a gift.

I hope you enjoy sewing your own pocket squares! Tag me on Instagram - @rubyvaleroad - if you do!

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