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These are all the things which I sometimes need or like to have as extra, when I’m sewing but like to have on hand to make things easier.

Pinking Shears - especially for anyone learning to sew, pinking shears cut the fabric with a zigzag edge to help prevent the fabric from fraying. Also popular to use as an embellishment to your project.

Paper scissors - as I mentioned in Sewing Kit Part I, scissors for fabric cannot be used on paper, same as paper scissors being exclusive to paper. These are handy for cutting out patterns.

Thread - I used to just use white thread for everything (shock horror!!). Now I have a couple more colours and do try to match up thread to fabric. Just for starting out, I'd advise a white, a black and a couple of colours which you tend to use the most.

Bobbin cases - to go with all the thread and to stay organised, as there is nothing worse than running out of your bobbin so it’s good to have a handful ready to go when needed.

Pin cushion/needle case - these little extras do help keep things in their place and make sure you always put those sharp and pointy things back, and not leave them on the floor!

Safety Pins - can come in handy for many random things, but mostly for pulling through elastic or turning out a tube of fabric. I used to hate the epic search for a safety pin just when you’d need it so I like to keep a couple in my kit.

Fabric marker/chalk - so important for marking pleats, drawing darts, tracing patterns and literally any time you need to mark the fabric.

French Curve - a life changer for anyone making their own patterns, or even tracing patterns from clothes. Such a great tool which has been every bit beneficial since purchasing it.

Tape Measure - this sometimes comes in handy as it’s longer than a measuring tape so I like it for measuring my height as well as straight lines.

Pins - I mentioned this in Sewing Kit Part I, but it's worth recommending again because I love having all the different sorts of pins. I prefer ball headed pins but the silver head pins are much better to use when pinning zippers and darts so I have both sorts for different purposes. In case you missed Sewing Kit Part I and would like to see all the absolutely necessary tools I use all the time. And I'm not ashamed to say one is a quick-unpick.

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