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Yes, I'm 100% bias but we've always had the most enchanting Christmas tree at home. It is so light and bright and adds a great ambience to the lounge room. Although Australia celebrates Christmas in the heat of Summer, our tree whisks us away to a wonderful winter wonderland.

The tree is around 33 years old. My favourite thing about the tree which I think is different to a lot of trees nowadays, it's really quite bare. There aren't lots of fury green branches going this way and that, which allows space for the ornaments to dangle, almost like magic from each branch. It also means more decorations!

The one part of decorating the tree which I've never mastered and always need mum to do, is arranging the candle lights. They're just electronic candles all connected by the power cord but mum has such a way of putting them and making it look so balanced but without being perfectly symmetrical. We did try fairy lights when our old candles got too old, but I love the light coming from the end of the boughs rather than wrapped up and around the trunk.

We used to put a lot of different and mix-matching ornaments but now I like to just keep the theme of the gorgeous glitter baubles, snowflakes and angels as well as a couple of green baubles to fill the tree. The stunning glitter baubles were given from my Nanna 30 years ago and came all the way from Singapore. Mum bought the glitter snowflakes and also found the glittery angels to match some years later. We keep the decorations flat between layers of tissue paper and much care is taken to unwrap and hang them on the tree without being sprinkled in glitter. To finish the tree off, we throw silver tinsel strands all over, in case it isn't sparkly enough but really to fill in any gaps.

I think why we all loved Christmas so much as a child as it was one of our happiest days of the year and it's all those good memories we hold onto each year, especially our traditions which we know and love to celebrate. This tree will always be my favourite, and it will always enchant me because it's the feeling I remember from seeing it light up every year.

Hope you're all enjoying the Christmas season. Let me know in the comments your favourite Christmas colour schemes. Cheers, Alexandra xx

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