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I believe in the cycle that you don’t enjoy something unless you’re good at it.

However, to become good at something, you need to want to be good at it, you need to see the end goal as something you aspire to.

I must advise that if you just want to sew for all the cool stuff you can make, then you might not find as much satisfaction as you’d hoped for.

It’s about loving to pin, cut and sew - to enjoy every process. I used to hate how little I actually needed to use the sewing machine as all the time went into pinning and cutting out the pattern before any sewing was actually done. Then slowly I fell in love with all the parts of sewing, obviously some I still find utterly boring (finishing seams), but overall it’s the creating, making and sewing that makes the final item so much better.

I find my happy place in sewing. It’s one of those rare things where I don’t doubt myself that I know what I’m doing. It has taken years to have the confidence to know how to go about things and fix problems but I have really enjoyed learning as much as I can by trying new things and making all the mistakes. I still have so much I want to try and techniques I want to learn and to still grow the confidence to take on more complicated and detailed projects. I’ve definitely found my comfort zone in making skirts and just changing up the same dress pattern but I want to start expanding my horizon and creating different styles, so I hope you can join me to witness my mistakes and hopefully find inspiration in my efforts.

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