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How to feel the fabric in the sense that you’re feelin’ the fabric, like you’re digging it - you like its vibes.

Striped Linen and Cobalt Blue Linen

Pick the Eye-Catching Fabric

Making something simple but with a beautiful fabric will make it into something incredible.

You can take a very simple garment design and if you choose the right fabric, you can take the simplicity to the next level and make your sewing amazing.

Cheap fabric, with dated prints, unexciting colours or poor quality will always be that no matter how neat your stitching. Cheap, synthetic fabric will always look cheap and synthetic. It will add nothing to your overall garment.

It’s about making something you love, not something you’re half interested in. If you get the first step right and pick fabric you love at first sight then shall follow a garment you love.

Brightly printed Polished Cotton

The Fabric Chooses the Garment

I always find my inspiration in the fabric. I photographed the fabrics on coat hangers to symbolise that I don’t just see a piece of fabric, I see the finished garment and that’s what makes me buy the fabric.

This might also help if you can't decide what you want to make or if you're in need of an outfit for a special occasion. Your best inspiration might be in the fabric shop.

Obviously this would be very different for fashion designers who decide on concepts first, but they still have to take into account what type of fabric will achieve their desired effect, which leads me to my next point.

Floral Sequin Fabric

The Desired Feel & Need for the Garment

I know every fashion and sewing book will make this point, but it’s important. You obviously cannot make a raincoat out of silk chiffon, or the water will go straight through. Just as you can’t make a winter weight skirt out of a summer cotton, well you could, but the practicality would be non-existent as you’ll probably freeze. You can make anything out of whatever you find most comfortable but if you want your items to have a specific feel or purpose then you need to think critically as to what will be the best choice.

My Top Picks

For day and casual I like cottons, denim, or fabrics with a bit of stretch.

To give a more well made feel I love linen and polished cottons.

For evening and something exciting I love silk dupioni and silk shantung as they have a bit of body and a gorgeous sheen. I also love velvet, sequins and brocades for their stunning patterns and textures.

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