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It was a wild Friday night.

I was home alone. Four full days with the whole house to myself. Freedom at my fingertips. But my choice to enjoy my freedom? <Host a huge house party except that no one would come>.

Lol jks.

I had my own sort of wild night, the one where I stay up till 3am sewing a dress.

In fact my thought process went along the lines of, “I’m just gonna have a couple of days off from blogging and do my own thing.” By my own thing, I meant just casually making a dress but be totally reckless to not film or record the making of the dress. Hectic, I know.

I suppose now this is when I start to feel the blur of my passion slowly becoming ‘work’. I haven’t published anything on my blog in so long and I feel the stress of not posting. It’s funny though because as soon as I took it off my list of worries, I felt myself naturally wanting and wishing to write and create content.

People keep asking, when am I going to start making money? This blog isn’t about money and as soon as I removed money as a reason to start a blog, my reasons and will became stronger to begin this blog. I just love sharing my sewing projects and honest opinions of my own work, effort and experiences I have sewing.

When people ask about my blog, I describe it as my great love. ‘Rubyvale Road’ makes me so happy when I open it in my browser, when I imagine a new design concept or poorly instruct mum on how to use my camera. All processes and ideas to develop ‘Rubyvale Road’ make me ecstatic and I’m keen as a bean to sew lots more items and produce content which is informative, interesting or at the very least, I hope entertaining.

Sewing gives me a thrill far greater than any wild Friday night and produces something more worthy than some funny stories. I can’t wait for more Friday nights which get as cray cray as that one.

Cheers, Alexandra xx

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